Visitor Info

Formal Visitation Plan - Updated April 19, 2021

1. Visitation between our residents and their loved ones has resumed.

2. Visits will be under the supervision of a staff member who will accompany the resident to one of the following designated visiting areas:
a. First Floor Dining room
b. Tent outside the facility
c. Patio behind the facility (weather permitting)
d. Visiting in resident rooms is reserved for compassionate care visits only at this time

3. A clear plastic tent (measuring 10’ by 10’) will be set up for the resident’s safety. If the resident prefers to sit inside the tent, the visitor will sit outside the tent at a distance of 6 feet or more. If there is inclement weather, both the visitor and the resident can be seated in the tent with social distancing. The tent can be ventilated on any side and disinfected between visits.

4. Visits will be arranged for 30-minute intervals and set up with at least 30 minutes between visits. All visitation sites will be cleaned and disinfected between visits. Visits will be arranged by the Director of Recreation or his designee and monitored by staff. Visits will be limited to maximum of 2 visitors per resident at a time.

5. Visiting hours will be available, by appointment only. Please see the portal posted on this website and fill in a time slot of your choice. Window visits and zooms can also be scheduled through this portal for non-visiting days.

6. Touching residents is strongly discouraged and social distancing must be maintained.

7. All visitors and residents must wear masks at all times. Visitors must have their temperature taken upon arrival at the reception desk and must respond appropriately to the Covid-19 questions in the electronic Kiosk maintained at the reception desk. White Plains Center will also conduct a rapid test for each visitor at the time of visitation for verification of their Covid-19 status. Once the visitor(s) meets the criteria, they will be escorted to one of designated visitation areas or can proceed to the resident’s room with the addition of a face shield to be worn over their masks.

8. If they fail to meet the criteria, they will not be able to visit at that time. If they do not follow the rules established for visitation, they will not be permitted to visit for the remainder of the Covid-19 emergency period.

9. Hand sanitizer will be available for all visitors and residents.

10. Window visits, zoom and face time visits will still be offered. Window visits will not be offered during visitation times. (please see portal for available times)

11. Visitors under the age of 18 years are not permitted to visit at this time but window visits are recommended for children.

12. Documentation of all screening must be maintained in an electronic format and available upon request for inspection and contact tracing.